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High Softness Gauze Swabs The Essential Tool for Light Wound Dressing

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High Softness Gauze Swabs The Essential Tool for Light Wound Dressing

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Brand Name : TONGMENG

Place of Origin : China

Softness : High

Certificate : ISO

Absorbency : High

Material : Cotton

Shape : Square

Sterilization : EO

Color : White

Quantity : 1pc/bag, 5pcs/bag, 100pcs/bag

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High Softness Gauze Swabs The Essential Tool for Light Wound Dressing

Product Description:

The Medical Gauze Swab is an essential product for any healthcare setting, designed with the highest standards in mind to ensure the safety and care of patients. These gauze swabs are sterilized using Ethylene Oxide (EO), a method known for its effectiveness in eradicating bacteria, viruses, and fungi, ensuring that each swab is safe for use on all types of wounds and incisions. The sterilization process complies with rigorous medical standards, providing peace of mind to both healthcare providers and patients.

Our Medical Gauze Swab holds an ISO certificate, which is a testament to its quality and reliability. This certification means that the product has been manufactured under the International Organization for Standardization's guidelines, which cover various aspects of product quality, safety, and performance. As a result, healthcare professionals can trust that these gauze swabs meet global standards for medical use.

When it comes to handling and application, these gauze swabs are incredibly light in weight, which is a significant advantage for medical professionals. The lightweight nature of the gauze pads allows for easy manipulation, placement, and removal without causing discomfort to the patient. Additionally, the light weight of the swabs makes them convenient for packing and transporting in medical kits, ensuring they are readily available when needed.

Packaging is a critical factor when it comes to medical supplies, and the Medical Gauze Swab is no exception. Each swab comes in individual sterile packages to maintain the highest level of hygiene and sterility until the moment of use. The sterile package ensures that there is no risk of contamination, providing an extra layer of protection for wound care and minimizing the risk of infection. The packaging is designed to be easy to open, facilitating a quick and efficient workflow for medical professionals in various settings such as hospitals, clinics, and emergency response situations.

High absorbency is one of the most critical attributes of the Medical Gauze Swab. The gauze pads are designed to have a high level of absorbency, which is crucial for managing exudate from wounds, absorbing blood, and other bodily fluids. This high absorbency ensures that the wound remains clean and dry, which is essential for proper wound healing. The superior absorbency of these gauze pads also helps to reduce the frequency of dressing changes, thereby minimizing discomfort for the patient and saving time for healthcare providers.

Our gauze swabs are versatile and can be used in a variety of medical situations. They are ideal for dressing wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, lacerations, and other injuries where a sterile environment is paramount. The gauze pads are also used during surgical procedures as they provide a sterile barrier between the wound and potential contaminants. In addition to their use in direct wound care, these gauze pads can also be used for padding, protection, and cleansing wounds, making them a multipurpose solution for a wide range of medical needs.

In summary, the Medical Gauze Swab is a high-quality, essential medical supply that stands out for its EO sterilization, ISO certification, lightweight design, sterile packaging, and high absorbency. These features collectively ensure that the gauze swabs provide optimal performance in wound care and management. Healthcare professionals can confidently use these gauze pads, knowing they are employing a product that meets stringent quality and safety standards. With the Medical Gauze Swab, patient care is elevated through reliable, effective, and hygienic wound management.


Product Name: Medical Gauze Swab
Material: Cotton
Usage: Medical
Price: Reasonable
Package: Sterile
Ply: 8/12/16
Highly absorbent gauze pads
Soft and comfortable gauze swabs
Multi-purpose gauze swabs for various medical applications

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Softness High
Sterilization EO
Weight Light
Name Medical Gauze Swab
Absorbency High
Package Sterile
Quantity 1pc/bag, 5pcs/bag, 100pcs/bag
Size 5*5, 7.5*7.5, 10*10
Material Cotton
Ply 8/12/16


The TONGMENG brand Medical Gauze Swab, originating from China, represents a staple in medical supplies for various healthcare scenarios. These gauze swabs are meticulously crafted with the finest cotton material to ensure maximum absorbency and comfort during use. Available in white, the visual appeal of these gauze pads remains professional and clean, making them suitable for a broad range of medical applications.

TONGMENG gauze swabs come in different ply options such as 8, 12, and 16, offering the flexibility needed to cater to different wound care requirements. This variety ensures that healthcare providers can select the appropriate thickness needed for specific medical tasks, ranging from light dressing to managing more substantial exudates from wounds.

One of the critical attributes of the TONGMENG gauze pads is their sterilization with Ethylene Oxide (EO), guaranteeing that they are free from bacteria and safe for use in sterile environments. This EO sterilization process is crucial in preventing infection and promoting healing in wounds and surgical sites. The assurance of sterility is further underpinned by the ISO certification that these gauze swabs carry, reflecting adherence to international standards for medical products.

The application occasions for TONGMENG gauze swabs are diverse. They are frequently utilized in hospitals during surgeries to clean and prep the area of operation or to absorb blood and other fluids. In emergency care, these gauze pads are indispensable for dressing wounds and facilitating quick initial care. Additionally, they are used in clinics and doctors' offices for minor procedures, wound dressing changes, and sample collection for laboratory testing.

Outside of formal medical facilities, TONGMENG gauze swabs serve an essential role in first aid kits at schools, workplaces, and homes. They are the go-to product for treating minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and burns, providing a sterile solution to manage the wound until professional medical care can be obtained. Furthermore, these gauze pads are also beneficial in the field of sports medicine, where they are used to manage injuries sustained by athletes during training or competition.

In conclusion, TONGMENG gauze swabs are a versatile and essential product for a variety of health-related scenarios. Whether it is for hospital surgeries, emergency care, routine medical procedures, first aid, or sports injuries, these gauze pads provide the reliability and quality that healthcare professionals and patients alike depend on for optimal wound care and management.


At TONGMENG, we specialize in the provision of high-quality medical gauze swab products, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our gauze swabs, known for their exceptional absorbency, are ideal for a variety of medical applications.

Originating from China, our gauze pieces are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure they meet the high standards expected in medical environments. The TONGMENG brand is synonymous with reliability and safety in medical supplies.

To maintain the highest level of hygiene and to prevent contamination, our gauze sponges undergo EO (ethylene oxide) sterilization, making them suitable for immediate use in medical procedures. Each gauze swab comes in a sterile package, ensuring that they are safe and ready for use right out of the box.

Understanding that different medical scenarios require different sizes, we offer our gauze swabs in various dimensions: 5*5, 7.5*7.5, and 10*10 cm, to cater to a wide range of applications. The high absorbency rate of our gauze sponges makes them incredibly effective for wound dressing, cleaning, and other medical purposes.

Support and Services:

Our Medical Gauze Swab comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and performance. The support includes detailed product documentation, instructions for use, and best practice guidelines to assist healthcare professionals in the effective use of our gauze swabs.

We also offer educational resources to inform and train medical staff on the proper application, handling, and disposal of the Medical Gauze Swab. Our dedicated team of product specialists is available to answer any technical questions and provide additional information on the product's specifications and capabilities.

In the unlikely event of a product issue, we provide a robust process for reporting and resolving any concerns promptly and efficiently. Our commitment to quality ensures that all our Medical Gauze Swabs adhere to stringent industry standards for safety and efficacy.

Please note that our Medical Gauze Swab is designed for single use only to prevent cross-contamination. For any further assistance, our customer support team is ready to help you with non-clinical inquiries regarding the product. We strive to provide exceptional service and support for our customers at all times.

Packing and Shipping:

The Medical Gauze Swab product is carefully packaged to ensure sterility and safety during transport. Each gauze swab is individually sealed in a durable, easy-to-open pouch that maintains the integrity of the product. The packaging materials used are compliant with medical-grade standards, providing a barrier against moisture, contaminants, and external damage.

For shipping, the individually packaged gauze swabs are further placed into sturdy, medical-grade boxes that are designed to protect the contents from any potential shipping hazards. These boxes are clearly labeled with product information, handling instructions, and expiration dates to ensure proper usage. The outer shipping carton is sealed and secured to prevent tampering, with appropriate markings to indicate the nature of the contents for handlers and customs officials.

We take extra precautions to choose reliable shipping carriers with experience in handling medical supplies. Each shipment is tracked and monitored to ensure timely delivery to our customers. In the event of any shipping irregularities, our customer service team is ready to assist with resolution and support.

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