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Square Gauze Sponges EO Sterilized for First Aid Kits and Supplies

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Square Gauze Sponges EO Sterilized for First Aid Kits and Supplies

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Brand Name : TONGMENG

Place of Origin : China

Price : Reasonable

Material : Cotton

Absorbency : High

Size : 5*5, 7.5*7.5, 10*10

Shape : Square

Package : Sterile

Name : Medical Gauze Swab

Quantity : 1pc/bag, 5pcs/bag, 100pcs/bag

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Square Gauze Sponges EO Sterilized for First Aid Kits and Supplies

Product Description:

The Medical Gauze Swab is a quintessential product designed for medical and first-aid use, standing out in the market for its quality, efficiency, and safety. Specifically engineered for all healthcare settings, this product caters to a wide range of applications, from minor wound care to major surgical procedures. The gauze swab is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of healthcare professionals and home care givers alike.

Encased in a sterile package, each gauze swab ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and aseptic handling. The sterilization process is rigorous, eliminating any contaminants that can cause infections or impede the healing process. This level of sterility is paramount in a medical environment, making these gauze pads ideal for direct application to wounds, providing both patients and caregivers with peace of mind.

When it comes to pricing, the Medical Gauze Swab is positioned at a reasonable cost without compromising quality. Accessibility is a key factor in the availability of essential medical supplies, and this product strikes an excellent balance between affordability and performance. Budget-conscious buyers, such as hospitals, clinics, and families, will find these gauze pieces to be economically viable for regular use.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its high softness. The gauze swabs are crafted from a gentle, yet durable material that minimizes any discomfort when in contact with the skin. This softness is crucial when dealing with sensitive or damaged skin areas, as it helps prevent further irritation or abrasion. Patients will appreciate the tender care provided by these gauze pads, which can significantly enhance their comfort during recovery.

The color of the Medical Gauze Swab is a pristine white, which is not only traditionally associated with cleanliness and purity but also serves a practical purpose. The white color allows for easy detection of fluids, exudates, or blood, providing a clear indication of the wound's condition and the healing process. This feature is particularly useful for healthcare professionals to monitor and assess wound healing effectively.

Each gauze swab is conveniently shaped into a square, making them versatile for various medical tasks. The uniform shape allows for consistent folding, cutting, or layering to fit different wound sizes and shapes. This adaptability makes the gauze swabs handy in several circumstances, whether it's covering a small abrasion or packing a large surgical site.

Furthermore, the Medical Gauze Swab is designed to be highly absorbent. These gauze pads efficiently wick away fluids, promoting a clean wound bed and reducing the risk of maceration. The gauze pieces also facilitate the application of ointments and creams, ensuring that the medication stays in place to optimize healing.

Healthcare providers and patients alike will find these gauze swabs indispensable due to their ease of use. The product is ready to use straight from the sterile package, saving precious time in emergency situations or routine dressing changes. The intuitive design of these gauze pads means that they can be applied quickly and efficiently, which is crucial in fast-paced medical environments.

In summary, the Medical Gauze Swab is a product that embodies the essentials of wound care: sterility, affordability, softness, functionality, and practical design. It represents a reliable choice for a multitude of healthcare settings, ensuring that each wound is treated with the utmost care and attention. With these gauze swabs, patients are one step closer to a swift and uncomplicated recovery.


Product Name: Medical Gauze Swab
Softness: High
Material: Cotton
Ply: Available in 8, 12, 16
Package: Sterile
Price: Reasonable
Keywords: gauze swabs, gauze pieces, gauze pads

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Material Cotton
Quantity 1pc/bag, 5pcs/bag, 100pcs/bag
Sterilization EO (Ethylene Oxide)
Usage Medical
Shape Square
Package Sterile
Ply 8/12/16
Softness High
Absorbency High
Size 5*5, 7.5*7.5, 10*10 cm


The TONGMENG Medical Gauze Swab, originating from China, is a versatile and essential product in a variety of medical settings. These gauze pads have been meticulously sterilized using EO (ethylene oxide) to ensure patient safety and maintain a sterile environment during application. Packaged in a sterile form, they are available in convenient quantities of 1pc/bag, 5pcs/bag, and 100pcs/bag to cater to different needs and usage frequencies.

TONGMENG gauze swabs are designed with high absorbency, making them particularly suitable for wound care and management. They are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, emergency care units, and even in home care settings. Their high absorbency makes them ideal for absorbing blood and exudates, thereby promoting a clean wound environment conducive to healing. In surgical procedures, these gauze pieces are used to manage bleeding, clean incisions, and as a protective layer over the wound before bandaging.

In emergency scenarios, the TONGMENG Medical Gauze Swab can be rapidly applied to injuries to control bleeding and protect the wound from contamination. Their ease of use and the availability of different package sizes enable quick and efficient wound dressing changes, which is critical in the fast-paced environment of emergency medicine. Moreover, in settings such as sports events or schools, having these gauze pads on hand can provide immediate first-aid care for minor injuries, scrapes, or cuts.

Home healthcare also benefits from the use of TONGMENG gauze swabs. Individuals caring for family members with chronic wounds, such as ulcers or post-surgical wounds, can use these sterile gauze pieces for regular wound cleaning and dressing. The product's high absorbency is particularly beneficial for wounds with high levels of exudate, as it helps to maintain a dry healing environment.

Additionally, TONGMENG Medical Gauze Swabs serve an important role in clinics and primary care facilities for day-to-day patient care activities, including minor surgical procedures, injections, and sample collection. Their sterility ensures that they can be confidently used to prevent infection and cross-contamination between patients.

In conclusion, the TONGMENG Medical Gauze Swab is a multifunctional product that meets the demanding requirements of various medical environments. Whether it is for managing acute injuries, aiding in surgical procedures, or providing care in a non-hospital setting, these gauze pads, pieces, and swabs stand out for their sterility, high absorbency, and availability in multiple package sizes to suit all types of medical application occasions and scenarios.


Brand Name: TONGMENG

Place of Origin: China

Package: Sterile

Name: Medical Gauze Swab

Usage: Medical

Absorbency: High

Ply Options: Available in 8, 12, 16 ply to meet various medical needs

Our TONGMENG Medical Gauze Swabs, also known as gauze sponges or gauze pads, are designed for high absorbency and are manufactured in a sterile environment in China. These gauze swabs are suitable for a range of medical applications and are available in multiple ply options to provide flexibility in usage. Trust TONGMENG for your medical gauze needs.

Support and Services:

The Medical Gauze Swab is a high-quality, sterile product designed for use in various medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and emergency care. Our technical support and services for the Medical Gauze Swab are dedicated to ensuring that healthcare professionals can use our product with the utmost confidence and efficiency.

We offer comprehensive guidance on the proper use and disposal of the Medical Gauze Swab to maintain safety and hygiene standards. Our product support includes detailed instructions on the packaging and an online repository of best practice use cases, handling procedures, and frequently asked questions.

Additionally, our technical services team provides support for any inquiries related to product specifications, material composition, and compatibility with other medical supplies. We are committed to providing information on the latest research and updates on product enhancements to ensure our Medical Gauze Swab meets the evolving needs of the medical community.

Should you encounter any issues or require further assistance with our Medical Gauze Swab, our technical support team is ready to provide timely help. We are dedicated to facilitating a smooth and effective experience for all users of our product.

Please note that while we offer extensive support and services for our Medical Gauze Swab, we do not provide direct medical advice or emergency services. For medical emergencies or specific medical advice, please contact a qualified healthcare professional immediately.

Packing and Shipping:

The Medical Gauze Swab is individually packaged in a sterile, tamper-proof envelope to ensure product integrity and maintain a sterile environment until use. Each swab is made from high-quality, 100% cotton material for maximum absorbency and comfort.

Product packaging is designed to be easily opened for quick access in medical situations. Clear labeling on the package includes product size, expiration date, and lot number for easy identification and inventory management.

For shipping, the Medical Gauze Swabs are packed in durable boxes that protect the product during transit. Boxes are sealed and clearly marked with handling instructions to ensure they are transported under the appropriate conditions. Inside the box, swabs are arranged in an organized manner to prevent damage and compression.

Each shipment includes a packing slip with detailed information about the contents, quantity, and any other relevant shipping details. We adhere to all regulations and standards for medical supply shipping, ensuring that your order arrives safely and in perfect condition for medical use.

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